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Guiding High Impact People, Brands and Their Stories


The Five Characteristics of High Impact Leaders

(from It’s Your Way, or the HI Way, by Brian Kagan)

  1. 1.HI Leaders have PRESENCE. They are present, engaged and genuinely interested in each moment that is presented to them.

  1. 2.HI Leaders have VISION. They innovate, stretch boundaries, and have the courage to experiment.

  1. 3.HI Leaders have CAPACITY. They have or make the room when, where and how it is needed to respond to pivotal opportunities.

  1. 4.HI Leaders have RESOURCE. They know how to invest and leverage their own organization’s time, talent and assets.

  1. 5.HI Leaders pull the TRIGGER. They put the right ideas into action at the right time.

What Makes a HI Leader?

“You have only one chance to make a first impression; there’s amazing power in giving your ‘citizens’ the chance to discover your story, again, and join it for the very first time.”               
                         Brian Kagan


  1. Staff/Leadership Interviews

  2. Brand Position Review

  3. Brand Culture Review

  4. Brand Voice Review

  5. Brand Image Review

  6. Brand Customer Review

  7. Brand Plan Review

  8. Brand Surveys

  9. On-Site Ideation Facilitation

  10. Brand Story (Position, Voice, Reason, Heart))

  11. Strategic + Tactical Plan Development


  1. Naming

  2. Logo Design + Production

  3. Collateral Material Design + Production

  4. Web Architecture, Design + Management

  5. Video Production

  6. Event Planning + Facilitation


  1. Brand Catalyst Team Formation and Facilitation

  2. Project Guidance and Co-Direction

  3. Budget Management

  4. Schedule Management

  5. Production Management

  6. Success Measurement and Plan Refinement

The Stuff We Provide.