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9th and Downing


  9th and Downing (August 2017) The northeast corner of 9th and Downing, Denver. A whirligig of mixed senses splattering asphalt and concrete canvas. August’s breath, tepid and leafy green, exhales on scaly fleshed stucco, brick, and glass. Sitting on a metal chair in front of Dazbog coffee shop, seat of black faux wood…(Read More)

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OK, here goes…something new for me…against every professional advice guru…unsupervised by experts, peers, medical interventionists or small feathery birds. I call it…1TAKES from My Shorts (hee hee) It’s short. It’s done in one take only (have a little compassion, will ya?) It’s free. It’s me. BK &nbsp…(Read More)