Posts From the monthly archives: "June 2018"

There’s a reason why the best things in this world, are not of this world’s things. The sky is limitless. When I was an 8-year-old kid, I would spend endless hours chasing the sky from my pilot’s seat on the swings at Preston Hollow elementary school in Dallas, Texas. I…(Read More)

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Watch out for that black cat. Oh damn, I walked under that ladder. Don’t step on that sidewalk crack or you’ll break your mother’s back. Maybe it’s time to change superstitions…to ‘stupidstitions.’ What do you th!nk? Thanks for stopping by. BK   &nbsp…(Read More)

  The other day I overheard two women saying “Bread & Butter” as they walked around either side of a slate-colored concrete stantion on the sidewalk. Their casual comment triggered memories about my family, where superstitions were super-sized. In addition to the tried and true variety of superstitions about mirrors, ladders and black…(Read More)

“Please read my new blogs.” “Please like my blogs.” “Please follow my blogs.” “NEVER ask people to read, like or follow your blog.” According to Tumblr, as of April 2018 it is estimated that there are 409 million registered blog accounts. All my bookie friends have advised me that 409,000,000:1 odds are…(Read More)