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We’ve all heard the expression, “Teachers change your life.” True. And this first part of a story from My Shorts gives a somewhat darkly humorous glimpse from another perspective at a Dallas Texas public school in 1957. Part 2 of Mrs. Pinkelbrenner is also available in my 1TAKES series…on my site…right next…(Read More)

Watch out for that black cat. Oh damn, I walked under that ladder. Don’t step on that sidewalk crack or you’ll break your mother’s back. Maybe it’s time to change superstitions…to ‘stupidstitions.’ What do you th!nk? Thanks for stopping by. BK   &nbsp…(Read More)

OK, here goes…something new for me…against every professional advice guru…unsupervised by experts, peers, medical interventionists or small feathery birds. I call it…1TAKES from My Shorts (hee hee) It’s short. It’s done in one take only (have a little compassion, will ya?) It’s free. It’s me. BK &nbsp…(Read More)