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  I have a good friend in Minneapolis who refers to herself as a ‘bohemian.’  She is the colorful outcome of  mixed marriage. Delightful and lovely in so many ways, I was puzzled by her portraying her self-prescribed ‘bohemistic’ (right, it’s not really a word) oddity: “I’m not really black; the black…(Read More)

Blade Runner


More. Faster. Now. Better. Think about it: We have all been and continue to be impacted in this age of Dehumanization through Technology. More. Faster. Now. Better…(Read More)

Lake Superior

The Tooth Hurts


  The other night I broke and swallowed the tooth to the right of my two front teeth while eating a piece of barbecued chicken. This event by itself would have been enough to ruin my night, but it worsened from there. Some people are born with special genes; they develop into great painters, musicians…(Read More)