Life in 25 Words

No one believes I am capable of saying anything of much value in 25 words. After 850+ posts (and counting) you be the judge.

DACHS 25 was inspired by my mini-dachshunds. Bentley and Bailey are my inspirations, unconditional friends, sage guides, and successfully get me up off my ass to walk them frequently…or else.

Why read and follow us on Facebook? We share a world continually evolving as global neighborhoods. We can discover and release the boundless power of story. Mine. Yours. Theirs. Ours.

You see, I am a story junkie. Driven by inspiring others to find and share their story. Like a personal GPS, I yearn to sit in the front seat alongside those driven to more effectively navigate life’s winding roads. The fuel: Narrative.

Individually, we all drive differently.
Together, we get there.

DACHS 25 are moments. To consider. To smile. To live.

Join us for some woofs and wags.