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After forty-plus years writing copy and branding clients (no hot tools were used), I decided to write something for me. I chose scenes from my family life, along with people and dogs who have impacted my story. If Rob Reiner is reading this—Rob, while certainly no When Harry Met Sally, the chapter “It’s the island way” could very well be the sequel to Sleepless in Seattle. Think Sweating in Linen.

My Shorts is my first collection of personal essays: a mixture of humor, reflection and insights addressing the all too human foibles within family, fatherhood, relationships, career and faith wanderings. I have returned to my Brooklyn ‘nice Jewish guy’ roots. I can use ‘returned to’ now that my parents have passed. Had they known about my flirting with Zen Buddhism, Unitarianism, Agnosticism, and Christianism (not really a word, but fits the “ism” flow), they would have removed my poster-sized Bar Mitzvah portrait hung on the wall just inside the front door of their condo. Fine with me. At thirteen and wearing a yarmulka and tallis, you’d swear I was the Jewish Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Grab a box of popcorn and a Butterfinger. Sit back. Enjoy the show.

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