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Don't buy in to the idea that you are not creative. Each of us was born to dream, express, and communicate with the world around us. Writing can be fun, powerful, moving, and even healing.

The !nklings is a Living Learning Laboratory: a safe, affirming place to share your digital ink, experiment, and grow as a writer.

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      Blah, blah, blahg.

      “Please read my new blogs.” “Please like my blogs.” “Please follow my blogs.” “NEVER ask people to read, like or follow your blog.” According to Tumblr, as of April 2018 it is estimated that there are 409 million registered blog…

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      Born to be…guilty.

      Born in 1951, I’m the by-product of parents from the Bronx New York tribe. When I reached communication age (mostly muttering “Huh?” and “Wha?”), they disclosed the “You’re-a-Jew” essentials. We are God’s chosen people…

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        6822: Part 1 (1956) Summer storms attacked Texas flatlands vengefully and without warning. This Dallas afternoon—playing alone in our front yard—was no different. I was pursued by five Apache warriors on painted ponies: coyote-yelping, bows and…

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