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      “No thanks, I’m stuffed.”

      I relieved myself today in the Dazbog Coffeehouse at the corner of 9th and Downing. Having walked  over an hour on the splendid, greening, crisp spring Denver day, urgency struck. With a snap-pea sized bladder, I was grateful some…

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      The Plane Truth (2018)

      The plane truth. (2018) Will someone please tell me why airline passengers sitting next to each other feel compelled to converse at decibels loud enough to shatter concrete? The two people sitting next to me are close enough to each…

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      9th and Downing

        9th and Downing (August 2017) The northeast corner of 9th and Downing, Denver. A whirligig of mixed senses splattering asphalt and concrete canvas. August’s breath, tepid and leafy green, exhales on scaly fleshed stucco, brick, and glass. Sitting…

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      1TAKES: Groveling for an audience.

      OK, here goes…something new for me…against every professional advice guru…unsupervised by experts, peers, medical interventionists or small feathery birds. I call it…1TAKES from My Shorts (hee hee) It’s short. It’s done in one take…

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      “It’s not really a word.”

        I have a good friend in Minneapolis who refers to herself as a ‘bohemian.’  She is the colorful outcome of  mixed marriage. Delightful and lovely in so many ways, I was puzzled by her portraying her self-prescribed ‘bohemistic…

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      Blade Runner

      More. Faster. Now. Better. Think about it: We have all been and continue to be impacted in this age of Dehumanization through Technology. More. Faster. Now. Better…

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      Lake Superior

      The Tooth Hurts

        The other night I broke and swallowed the tooth to the right of my two front teeth while eating a piece of barbecued chicken. This event by itself would have been enough to ruin my night, but it worsened…

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