“Brian is a very creative thinker and strategist. His depth & breadth of experience in the areas of brand creation, management, and abilities to “tell the story” of an organization are exceptional. Brian worked with me to create a cross-functional communications team that broke down silos of information and operation and served to strengthen the organizational brand and story. I highly recommend him!”
Director of Relationship Management of Greater Twin Cities United Way

“Brian led us through an excellent rebranding process. He is a master at helping a small group through branding ideation.”
William Hamel
Retired President at EFCA

“Brian’s creativity was a tremendous asset to our efforts. He is a catalyst for bringing together many ideas and synthesizing them with clarity of thought and action.

Brian is very strong at understanding people and working within diverse personalities and experience levels. He draws out ideas and involvement from a wide variety of participants. His positive attitude and likability are infectious and productive,

I would recommend Brian to help bring clarity and fresh ideas into any products, services, and processes. He is truly gifted at facilitating creativity and simulating innovation.”
Mike Edwards
Team Leader: Reach:Global Berlin

“Brian goes beyond “branding” and gets to the “heart” of an organization. And, if you don’t know where that heart is, he will help you find it! His passion, creativity and experience are unparalleled. It was an honor to work alongside him and an even greater honor to call him my friend.”
Steve Caton
Principal, The Giving Crowd

“I have worked for/with Brian on various creative and strategic projects over the last several years. He has been gifted with true perspective – to see through the clutter and noise, to find commonality amongst the seemingly unconnected, to discern what helps and what hinders… what matters and what doesn’t, and to stretch beyond the obvious, easy and popular answers to develop clarity and vision for his clientele.

Brian’s depth and range of experience is vast. His working process is personable, perceptive and attentive. He is a unique combination of wordsmith, traveler, strategist, student, manager, philosopher and confidant. Those who utilize his professional services are fortunate. Those who gain his friendship are blessed.”
Rick Wells
Owner, Smyth Grey

“Brian provided guidance and counsel as we worked through branding issues in an organization that had many differing points of view. I would collaborate with him again any day!”
Becky Graninger
Chief Development & Marketing Officer at Feed the Children

“Looking for a creative genius to help you pull together your vision or idea into a motivating story your customers will embrace? Call Brian. The results of his work will far surpass your expectations.”
Donna Jump
Digital Specialist at Northwestern University

“We worked with Brian as a marketing consultant for 5 years building plans to launch key artists into the marketplace. In addition to the development of marketing plans Brian was instrumental in the development of our management team as a creative and dynamic unit that enjoyed significant success.”
Allan Hardin
Mentor, Coach, and Teacher

“Brian is a master facilitator with a keen creative mind. He understands the importance of every organization’s unique position and story, and more importantly, he knows how to draw out that uniqueness in powerful ways. He listens intently, thinks deeply, and speaks passionately.

If you’re comfortable with where you are and don’t have the courage to step outside of the norm, don’t work with Brian. He will push you out of your comfort zone. If, on the other hand, you’re ready to be challenged and invited to live out the best of who you are, give Brian a call. You won’t regret it.”
Steve Finkill
President/Owner at SC3 Partners