Things are looking up.


My life is looking up.

There’s a reason why the best things in this world, are not of this world’s things. The sky is limitless.

When I was an 8-year-old kid, I would spend endless hours chasing the sky from my pilot’s seat on the swings at Preston Hollow elementary school in Dallas, Texas. I would push the limits of gravity with the meager power of leg and arm rocket thrusters, stretching beyond the azure boundary of the galaxies’ folded edge. Higher, higher, higher I would stretch until, feeling weightless and lightheaded, I’d free fall back to earth. Fearless–with each whoosh through space and time–I’d narrate my latest adventure. Outmaneuvering and blasting alien hordes into oblivion, I’d eventually eject from my seat. Releasing wings hidden inside my spacesuit, I would glide down to the powdery surface of planet Grog. Rolling over on my back, looking up through dizzy clouds of dust billowing from my landing, spinning deeper and deeper up into the bliss of deepening blue.

No thoughts about the past or future; just being now.

No concerns about homework or chores; just being now.

No tears from lacking friends and often feeling lonely; just being now.

I am no longer that small boy. Still, at times I want to escape alien thoughts, concerns, and fears. Mount my pilot seat and swing. Higher, higher, higher I would rise until—feeling weightless and lightheaded—I float away into the sky’s embrace.

We create most of our burdens; heavy things from this world that hold us down. Alien things we call hate, fear, possessions, envy, greed, confrontation, self-reliance, and indifference. They stalk the galaxies in hopes of possessing our egos and thoughts, vaporizing our consciousness of now. Like small kids, we can terminate aliens with Destructo Beams we call love, courage, nothingness, respect, generosity, surrender, others, and compassion.

Swing higher. Beyond your self. Higher. Beyond worldly things. Higher. Jump. Know weightlessness and limitless wonders of the sky. Now.

Up, up, and away.


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