The 5 Ways
High Impact Leaders Excel


The old days of “It’s my way or the highway,” one-leader-does-all and corporate-centric-decision-making are gone. The new days of customer-centric leadership and decision-making are here to stay. The battered roads to success are being resurfaced and demand a new breed of leader-drivers.


For more than a decade, business leaders have been moving cheese, managing habits, spinning flywheels and training hedgehogs, fish tossing, and tipping points over and over; honorable offerings to help leaders discover more effective ways to drive their businesses.


Get Out of Your Own Way is an original, practical, take-the-wheel-and-drive-your-business down the HI (High Impact) Way “business driver’s manual.” It is built on the THE FIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF HI LEADERS:

1. HI Leaders have PRESENCE.

HI Leaders do not simply go to meetings or attend to situations that they encounter; they are fully present, engaged and genuinely interested in each moment that is presented to them.

2. HI Leaders have VISION.

HI Leaders have the ability to innovate, stretch the boundaries and have the courage to experiment, attack the status quo and knowing that success often involves celebrating failure.

3. HI Leaders have CAPACITY.

HI Leaders always have or create capacity when, where and how it is needed to respond to HI Opportunities.

4. HI Leaders have RESOURCE.

HI Leaders know how to invest and leverage their organization’s time, talent and finances for the greatest ROI (Return on Investment) and ROM (Return on Mission).

5. HI Leaders pull the TRIGGER.

HI Leaders can put the right ideas into action at the right time, right now. THE APPROACH: Get Out of Your Own Way reads honestly, sensibly, intelligently, enjoyably and applies directly to bottom line actions and results. Get Out of Your Own Way doesn’t promise business success; it does promise that leaders will get a renewed thrill out of the way they think about leadership


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Published: 1st January 2013
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